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Iphone repairs


Broken Screens

Accidents happen. If you have an Iphone 5 series or Iphone 6 series we can help. Here are some things you need to know. When you drop or there is impact damage hard enough to break your screen, there may be hidden damage. But everything is working? Yes and No. The phone is in a compressed state until opened. Once opened if there was anything loosened its going to show up once the phone is put back together. We cannot tell if something like this is going  to happen  and we are not responsible for any subsequent problems arising from anything other than the glass we are replaceing.


Be prepared to be witout your phone for up to an hour. We reommend you do an icloud backup before bringing in your phone.


Before you bring in your device.  Make sure Find my phone is off in icloud settings and you disable any pin code.  














We Offer a Duluxe Screen change.  We change the Glass, LCD , Front Camera and Ear speaker in casde these are also damaged. Most plases only do the Glass. We use an OEM Glass equal or Better than Apples.

Iphone 5c  /  5 /  5S / 6 / 7/ 8

From Only $99.99

Do you need a new Battery in your Iphone 5c / 5 / 5s / 6


We use as good or better than the Original battery.


From Only $39.99