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Virus Removal

Not all are the Same


There are Virus's and Trojans or malware that can affect your PC.  We have a 4 step process that will get rid of all these issues on your computer.First we kill all the hidden processes that are running in the background. Then we eliminate all the Malware on the machine. We then go after the virus's hidden on your hard drive. Finally we examine the boot process and make sure there are no remnents left behind. We only charge $75 for Virus removal or $100 to re-install a new OS and provide a really really good Protection program in the price.


General information


It is not uncommon for us to find over 1000 issues on a PC.  When your computer gets to this point, when we remove the problems the machine may be un-stable. IF you have this many problems we recommend that we erase the drive and re-install a fresh copy of your operating system. Make sure you have a backup.


More is not better

In most cases if you have more than 1 virus protector on your machine they cancel each other out and you have no protection. Choose 1 that works and atick with it. Make sure what ever you are using will do both Virus and Malware or its useless. If you dont have protection from both you have no protection.


Resist the goodies

There are so many programs out there that promise to clean your computer, fix your registry, make it run faster - better - stronger. And they are all lining up to take your money, My advise, look the other way. Many of these things are trojans themselves and by you allowing them to insstall, you have infected yourself and there is nothing you van get to protect you from that, Don't be your worst enemy.